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Writing Extensions

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OMiSCID Gui is an extensible graphical user interface designed to visualize, configure and interact with O3MiSCID services.

OMiSCID Gui is built on top of the Netbeans Platform and inherits from its module system (also called extensions or plugins). Default installation of OMiSCID Gui comes with a set of generic plugins, other plugins can be installed and updated directly from within the Gui.

OMiSCID Gui[svg]


OMiSCID Gui can be downloaded from the download page. Downloaded version comes with a limited set of visualization modules (extensions).

Additional extensions can be installed and updated directly from within the Gui. To view and install extensions for OMiSCID Gui:

  • select “Tools ⇒ Plugins” in the menu
  • in the “Available Plugins” tab, check the extensions you want to install
  • click the “Install” button and follow the instructions
  • newly installed extensions are immediately operational

Features and Extensions

The OMiSCID gui revolves around a main graphical component: the service browser. This service browser lists all running services and displays their variables and connectors. The service browser is the entry point for most of the plugins developed for the OMiSCID Gui. Plugins register themselves as participating in the context menu of the service browser.

Writing Extensions

Extensions to the OMiSCID Gui are Netbeans modules. See the presentations below for more information.

Presentations and External Material

O3MiSCID “day 2” presentation includes some slides about the O3MiSCID GUI and how to extend it.